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Matina G.

I love going to Dr. Alex Visot at Caring Tooth Dental. I wouldn't trust anyone else to do my dental work. As far as I'm concerned he is the greatest dentist in the world. I have been going to him for over 15 years. Here is what I have had done over the years....
2 wisdom teeth removed 1 root canal he replaced all of the amalgam fillings (aprox. 5) in my mouth 2 extractions
regular fillings
bleaching trays
he even made me a retainer 10 years ago I'm sure there is more, however I can't remember

The point of the review is to let you know why I keep returning to him. And here is the honest reason why Going to the dentist is scary for me He is the only person that has ever numbed my mouth and not hurt me I am being completely honest, I relax with no problem because I can not feel a thing when he is doing it. He is fast and competent and extremely knowledgeable. As an example, about 12 years ago he told me I needed to replace all of the amalgam fillings in my mouth because they were bad for me. This is way before I ever heard anyone even talking about it. He was absolutely right, I did it and have never regretted it. I can go on my lunch break and within 1 hour I can get a filling and be back at work with no problem
His prices are very fair
He is sweeet and super funny and easy to talk to and just an all around honest and decent guy. He also is very good at telling you what is wrong while it is still in the early stages so you don't have big problems later on.

Lisa W.

Go see old school dentist - the father of this handsome young doctor you see here,- Vladimir Vysotsky. I found him through Google, looking for some honest doctor after consultations with 3 dentists in San Fernando Valley. I felt there is something not right with those 3 opinions. I got lucky with Dr. Vysotsky and he saved my 3 beautiful teeth and made my smile gorgeous again. I am happy and want you to be happy with your smile. Go see this honest, very honest, hard and smart working doctor if you need a dentist! Smile, LIFE IS GOOD!

Lilusha B.

I just had my first Zoom Whitening with Dr. Alex and I am very very pleased. A friend had recommended Dr. Alex and even though it's kind of far for me, I decided to try it with him. Very glad that I did: I am very picky when choosing doctors, dentists, stylists, etc., it's not so easy to please me. Dr. Alex was very nice.

He explained the procedure to me, asked me questions about the results I wanted and just was very nice to deal with. I wanted my teeth to be just 3-4 shades whiter, since my teeth are naturally pretty white but I love coffee and it does stain the teeth.

The procedure went exactly as doctor said it will. He applied the gel to my teeth and then exposed them to the light. That was about 15 minutes. I waited in the chair for a little bit before another session. The hygienist checked in on me while I did.

Gel was applied 2 more times, and the whole procedure took about an hour. I am very satisfied with the color of my teeth now. I also was very pleased with how nice everyone was to me at Dr. Alex's office. Very very positive experience.

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  • "Feeling so Much Better Thanks To You."
  • "Thanks for making me feel so much better!"
  • "I am not embarassed to smile anymore all thanks to you Doc."
  • "Cavity Free and Loving Every Second Of It!"

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